Elanders Sweden

Elanders Sweden specializes in Supply Chain Solutions and Print Solutions. With our 150 employees located in two different locations: 3PL-Hub and head office in Borås as well as digital manufacturing plant in Vällingby. Together we deliver solutions covering complete, or parts, of your supply chain, depending on your requirements. Our services include; retail, warehousing, configuration, fulfillment, kitting,print production, distribution, payment solutions and after-sales services.



The Elanders Group

Elanders is a global logistics company offering a broad service range of integrated solutions within supply chain management. The business is mainly operated through two business areas, Supply Chain Solutions and Print & Packaging Solutions. The Group has almost 8,000 employees and operates in around 20 countries on four continents. The most important markets are China, Germany, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the USA. The customers are divided into six segments according to their respective business; Automotive, Electronics, Fashion, Health Care, Industrial and Other.




Environment & Quality

Elanders Sweden believes that sustainability goes hand-in-hand with a global perspective. In our environmental work, we always strive to improve our processes, production methods, and products that decrease our ecological footprint. The ambition is to meet or to exceed the requirements of being environmentally friendly.





On the Group website elanders.com you will find Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports and other financial reports.




Would you like to join our team? At Elanders, we always look for talented people who can help us develop the ultimate solution within logistic, print, and packaging.



Cooperate with us

A promise is only worth something once it is fulfilled. On the global stage, it is not simple enough with an attractive product. It must be delivered at the right time at the right price. Therefore safe cooperation with a strategic partner is essential to achieve success. Due to our expertise within Supply Chain Solutions and Print Solutions, we can upgrade a company’s supply chain. This will provide faster and more efficient processes that enable our customers to focus on their primary competence.

Today, we cooperate with multiple corporations around the world who are approved partners, preferred partners, or integrated partners.