Elanders Sweden 1/18/2019

Supply chain management is growing in Viared!

Elanders Sverige AB has since the opening of the Borås site last year now reached some 40 full time employees in the industrial and logistics area in Viared. In addition, Elanders also has between 20 to 30 hired personnel from …

Elanders Sweden 9/13/2016

New machinery in place

The digital communication channels is driving today’s communications to become more flexible and tailored to target groups. Our customers can now also customize their printed communications to be more individualized and personalized. Variable Print languages, personalized marketing materials, shorter runs …

Elanders Sweden 10/27/2015

Elanders partner MEMRY challenges Facebook and Instagram

MEMRY is a Swedish app manufacturer that challenges Facebook and Instagram with its new photo book format. MEMRY is about to move into e-commerce, bringing with it print solutions. MEMRY functions as a social platform where you follow your friends …

Elanders Sweden 10/22/2015

Elanders has produced Panda Book of the Year

Photographer and author Brutus Östling, Höör, will for the third time receive the WWF Panda Book of the Year Award. The book “Bevingat” is about the fascinating birds from all around the world and, according to the jury “… a …

Elanders Sweden 10/8/2014

Elanders Annual Report 2013 winner at the Swedish Publishing Prize 2014

The Swedish Publishing Prize is the annual competition judged by a jury for websites, newspapers, magazines, books and other printed matter. It was organized in 2014 for the twenty-second time. Since the early 1990s, Populär Kommunikation has awarded the Swedish …

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