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Elanders Q2 2021

“I am very pleased with our performance this quarter. We can see that the measures we have taken to improve profitability continue to generate tangible effects. Both business areas produced a notably better result than the same period last year. The semiconductor shortage continues to disturb customer production, which has a direct effect on our volumes. Despite this demand continued to be stable from all our customer segments. We can even perceive a recovery now that authorities are easing COVID-19 restrictions.” Magnus Nilsson, President and CEO, Elanders AB.


Elanders Annual Report 2020

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Design: Narva.
Production: Elanders AB in collaboration with Narva.
Paper: Cover: Arena Extra White Smooth 300 g. Inlay: Arena Extra White Smooth 120 g.
Print: Schmid Druck + Medien GmbH, Germany, a member of Elanders Group.

Elanders Annual Report has always been one of the most important publications we produce. Our intention is to present detailed information concerning our result and position as well as our operations and market. It also provides us with the opportunity to display concrete examples of what we do at Elanders.

This Annual Report is a result of collaboration between Elanders AB, Narva and Schmid Druck. Narva was responsible for the design and most of the text. Elanders AB produced the information in the audited annual report. The Annual Report was printed in Kaisheim, Germany in March 2021 by Schmid Druck.

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