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Receiving components from suppliers in 22 regions all over the country, sorting and loading them in the right order, driving 1,000 kilometers and delivering to the right spot in the customer’s assembly line in an automotive factory demands extreme efficiency, planning and control. To do this 15 times a day, 5 days a week without arriving late or, for that matter early, is an art.

The automaker Daimler’s operations consist of large consolidation processes where components from suppliers all over the country are delivered to their factories for assembly. Daimler uses Elanders for advanced warehouse logistics and time-critical deliveries of components to their factory in Kecskemét. Components from all the suppliers in a geographical area are picked up by local dispatchers who transport them to Elanders’ premises for cross docking. Each day 22 deliveries with products from the regional hubs arrive at Elanders in Böblingen. Here the components are unloaded, sorted and reloaded onto Elanders’ trucks. Through efficient consolidation the trucks are filled to approximately 95 percent which reduces the number of trucks to 15. Thanks to Elanders’ effective sorting and consolidation each truck has one, or at the most, two dedicated drop-off spots in Daimler’s factory resulting in quick and easy unloading. Moreover the fleet in Hungary runs with highly efficient and low emission EURO 6 engines with an average fuel consumption of only 25l/100km.

It is crucial for Daimler that the deliveries arrive at exactly the right time, as there is no storage in the factory. Elanders achieves 100% punctuality from day one by renting a parking lot where the trucks wait until time for delivery. At the terminal in Böblingen, Elanders is also managing one of the 22 regional hubs, yet another savings since it can be used 24/7 for two different services for the same customer. Daimler chose Elanders since they could handle both cross docking and carriage to Kecskemét, which gave them one contact for several services involving many suppliers.


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