Omni-channel solution

Elanders’ subsidiary ITG has developed a webshop and logistic solution from the ground and up to a famous chain saw maker.

The customer is the market leader in high quality chain saws, trimmers and drill tools. The company has a large group of loyal customers that like the brand and for them the company has created a broad range of high quality merchandise like clothes, powerbanks, clocks and toys. As a traditional manufacturer the company has a long history of B2B commerce with established sales channels to retailers.

However, technical and financial expertise of direct sales to consumers has not been established yet, an avenue they would like to explore. They were looking for a partner that could take on complete responsibility for e-commerce aimed at consumers and offer a full-scale solution for the entire supply chain. They chose Elanders’ subsidiary ITG, and after less than two years of intense development the project was ready to launch. Elanders is responsible for the entire supply chain infrastructure, from product provision and warehousing to order receipt, quality control, invoicing and delivery to the end consumer. With the aid of partners Elanders has built a flexible and expandable e-commerce platform for its customer.

Elanders is also in charge of the daily management of the e-shop as well as financial services, statistics and reporting. As Elanders buys the merchandise from its customer and takes responsibility for e-commerce they do not have to handle the B2C business. The brand owner is concentrating on its core competence for purchasing and marketing and takes customer responsibility for the products.

The infrastructure was built for the German market including Switzerland and Austria with the capacity to launch sales in other countries in, for instance, Europe and South America going forward. Elanders’ large global network of companies makes an initial campaign on a smaller scale a possibility.


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