Monthly subscription boxes

Elanders provides a turnkey solution for picking and packing as well as distribution of Bespoke Post’s personalized subscription boxes.

American company Bespoke Post specializes in monthly subscription boxes. The boxes contain unique, high quality products manufactured on a small scale. Each box has a theme, and customers can personalize the contents by, for example, choosing extra components, colors or sizes. In addition to the subscriptions Bespoke Post offers its customers the opportunity to complement the boxes with extra products, order single boxes or send them as gifts.

Elanders receives and controls the quality of components coming in from suppliers from all over the world. Working with less known brands and small manufacturers often creates substantial supply chain challenges. Lead times for production and transportation can be lengthy and the articles can arrive very close to the send-off date which demands a great deal of flexibility at Elanders.

Elanders is deeply integrated in the customer’s e-commerce platform in order to handle order receipts, same day shipment of online orders as well as handling returns. Due to our long experience in packaging and transportation Elanders can contribute expert input on the shipping suitability of Bespoke Post’s various products. Elanders performs tests and identifies potential problem areas that could damage products or impact the cost of shipping them and we can also suggest more cost-effective alternatives.

The subscription boxes are designed to fit that month’s products, which are packed as specified by the customer’s order – often very close to the shipping date for maximum flexibility. Currently boxes are sent to customers in USA and Canada. The partnership entails on-going investments in equipment, employees and service on the part of Elanders in order to support Bespoke Post as their business grows and develops.


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