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Elanders has created a solution for HP Inc. for their entire logistics regarding guarantee returns of computers.

Guarantee-related work can be both costly, difficult and time-consuming and most of it involves transporting the faulty product to and from reparation. Therein lies one of the greatest challenges: satisfying the end-customer when the starting point is a malfunctioning product.

HP Inc. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home electronics. The company has a centralized repair hub that serves Europe with guarantee repairs of personal computers. In certain European countries Elanders has developed a unique solution for HP with only one contact for the reverse supply chain, and is responsible for the entire transportation process from pick-up at the consumer to return to the same. Pick-up of the computers can be made at home, at a retailer or at one of the 16,000 package service points connected to the system. With special packaging, developed by Elanders, the product is protected during delivery, with a neutral appearance for greater safety. The distribution solution consists of a consolidated dispatch network that delivers the parcel to one of four European consolidation points from which daily dedicated transportation runs are made to the repair center. It is cost-efficient, effective and quick, which is crucial for the end consumer. After reparation the unit is delivered to the customer via the consolidation points.

Elanders has developed an advanced tracking service where the consumer, online and in real time, can track their delivery even though the chain includes some 15 separate service providers and many stages. A dedicated cockpit team at Elanders continuously monitors the entire chain. They are HP’s point of contact within Elanders and ensure smooth handling of the over 6,000 guarantee cases that are dealt with each month.


Elanders has developed an efficient process for quickly and satisfactorily handling transports for HP’s all guarantee cases in Austria, Benelux, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland as well as in Slovenia.

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