Managing healthcare supply chain

Providing a predictable healthcare supply chain is challenging and requires full traceability and control all the way from manufacturing to delivery.

With heart disease as possibly the number one deadly condition in the world and a major cause of disability, the ability to provide the right medical devices during emergencies are crucial.

Elanders is providing a supply chain solution to one of the world’s leading manufacturer of medical devices. The company’s products are used in many different interventional medical specialties, including radiology, cardiology, oncology and gynecology.

Thanks to well-developed processes the products can be tracked from point of receipt via storage and delivery to the point of use, always ensuring product availability. Elanders provide the customer with resources, storage facilities with the right environmental controls, inventory management system with RFID tracking and compliance to ISO 13485 medical device standards.

Elanders thereby assume responsibility for that the healthcare providers always are stocked with essential medical supplies and have access to the right equipment.

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