Litho Printing at Elanders

With our offset printing options we give our customers real value by providing exceptional quality for the print jobs that really make a difference to their business. We work some of the most prestigious businesses across the globe, and with longstanding relationships like this, we know we’re doing something right.

In 1908 we began to offer a high quality print service for clients across the world. Over a 100 years later, we still offer the same quality, but have evolved our methods to increase efficiency, reduce costs and provide innovative ideas to our valued customers.

What is offset/litho printing?

Also known as lithographic printing, offset lithography is a technique whereby an inked image is transferred to the printing material via a plate and a rubber roller. Ink is transferred to the paper via the plate which attracts the inks that are pre-loaded into the machine, and the non imaged areas attracts a water based film which keeps them print free, leaving the image that was originally transferred to a plate.

At Elanders we have the capacity to print on a number of materials for offset printing. This allows us to print labels and packaging-style materials, as well as standard print items. See below for additional products that we print using offset/lithographic techniques.

Why use offset/litho printing instead of digital?

Offset printing uses a B1 plate which is around nine times bigger than an A4 sheet. Digital printing uses A3 and therefore is a process more commonly used for shorter print runs. Due to the larger sheets used for offset/litho printing, it is possible to turn out high volumes of print, at exceptional quality and this is why larger jobs are often completed using this technique.

If you have any doubts, please ask us and we’ll advise you on anything you need to know.

Our offset work includes;


Document printing

Book printing

Brochure printing

Text book printing

Last updated 16th Jun 2014