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Axis has outsourced parts of its operations to Elanders with deep integration in their value chain.

Axis Communications is a market-leading manufacturer of network cameras used in security and video surveillance. Elanders handles logistics planning and storage for Axis Communications’ operations in Europe, including picking and packing, from Jirny outside Prague. The outsourcing also includes production logistics and quality control. Elanders mounts components onto the network cameras and then tests the equipment and calibrates it for colors and structures after which the cameras are ready for delivery.

Production takes place in an over 8,000 square meters production facility, where 130 Elanders employees work up to three shifts. Assembly personnel consist primarily of engineers and experienced technicians that have the competence needed for the precision work required in the different camera configurations. The strategic position of the distribution hub in the Czech Republic, with good connections to everywhere in Europe, is a great advantage for customers. Elanders is deeply integrated into Axis’ operations due to the essence of the work.

Axis’ headquarters are connected to the distribution central in Jirny and it monitors status and performance in real time. The partnership between Axis and Elanders has been highly successful because of the excellent company cultural fit. Elanders has achieved and maintained the high level of quality in mounting, calibrating and testing that Axis is famous for. Since 2011 volumes have grown from around 10,000 products per month to 65,000 per week today.


Axis has outsourced parts of its operations to Elanders, which nowadays not only handles warehousing and logistics planning, but also manages parts of production.

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