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The most exclusive brands in the fashion industry are characterized by an extremely high standard – material, design and craftsmanship need to be of the highest possible quality. This includes logistics. Each item is expected to always be at the right place and in time for a fashion show or the launch of a collection in a store, even if the preparation time is short.

In some cases there are further demands – the garments may need to be delivered newly ironed and hung in a particular order on a hanger in preparation for a fashion show, or be marked with particular labels and packaged in exclusive packaging. Often delivery times are very short for when desire is lit the objects of it need to be onsite, even if that means shipping them to the other side of the world.

LGI’s fashion and transport logistic brand ITG is a full-scale logistics partner to one of the leading fashion companies in the world with exclusive brands in sport-inspired fashion in its portfolio. Manufacturing in Asia and having over 1,800 retail sites all over the world requires an extremely well organized and efficient distribution chain in order to meet the demands of the quality conscious market. Therefore the customer demanded a separate delivery chain that only caters to its premium brands.

High-end fashion is a fast moving market with volumes that change over time and where over 30 percent of annual volumes are handled in six weeks. In order to provide excellent and flexible service ITG established three multi-logistics centers where staffing can quickly be increased or reduced depending on the workload. The European market is supplied from the site in Munich, the American market is run out of Boston and deliveries to all over Asia are handled in Hong Kong. The service includes picking up products at the suppliers, quality control, storage, 48 hour delivery on demand and value adding services such as unpacking, ironing, sewing, labeling and special packaging.

This cooperation, started in 2002, has been very successful and volumes have grown to 1.8 million products per year for nine different sub brands. Thanks to ITG’s advanced virtual storage system products can be quickly moved from one market to another as demand changes, which it rather often tends to do in the fashion industry.

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