Distribution center for 3D-printers

Elanders runs a global distribution center in its megahub in Singapore for 3D-printers for customers that demand short delivery times and a high level of service.

The new 3D-technique has changed all the rules that previously limited creativity and sustainability, and the demand for 3D-printers is huge. One of the world’s leading global manufacturers of 3D-printers has chosen Elanders as its partner for warehouse management and distribution of these printers. Customers are major contract manufacturers and brand owners. They primarily use 3D-printers to produce prototypes and components on-demand, i.e. as needed.

The business of selling 3D-printers entails complex logistics of unwieldy goods on a global B2B market that requires a high level of quality and service as well as short delivery times. Elanders’ global distribution center in Singapore receives deliveries of 3D-printers from different manufacturers in the region. The logistics are literally no piece of cake. A 3D-printer can be three meters long and weigh close to a ton. The units are also extremely expensive and require special handling throughout the entire supply chain.

The Group’s centrally located megahub in Singapore can also handle work from other customers. By using personnel for various jobs Elanders can streamline work­flows, achieve economies of scale and quickly adapt resources according to customers’ fluctuations in volume. This also gives customers the advantage of being able to expand their operations within the same partnership. Elanders is handling the rapid ramp up of 3D-printers with a number of new products every year. We are capable of scaling up and plan to offer an even broader range of supply chain services.


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