Joy Global

Joy Global manufactures and services some of the world’s largest underground and surface mining machinery. Along with these highly sophisticated and complex machines come some of the most massive Owner’s and Service Manuals Elanders Americas has ever produced. Some tip the scale at seven kilos or more, making maneuverability difficult in confined spaces found in some mines.

Elanders looked at the needs of the user, combined with the environment the manuals were exposed to, and presented Joy Global with a total information distribution solution. To compensate for less than ideal conditions in a mining environment, Elanders produces Joy Global’s manuals on a synthetic stock that is water resistant.

Production and distribution is handled on a global scale and everything is produced on-demand, eliminating inventory and waste.

Taking user accessibility one step further, Elanders’ technology arm developed a custom Windows application. This application provides the most up-to-date product documentation and is viewable electronically by any user that has a subscription. As a mobile application, Joy Global’s massive manuals can be taken anywhere a mobile device can go, providing quick access to urgent information.

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