Dedication to the constant improvement of our solutions has ensured our service to customers in the manufacturing industry. We have been working with partners and suppliers on systems and processes that allow our clients the ability to confidently re-engineer the way they store, update and distribute information and products.

For one of our major clients we are located in the near proximity of their production units, in several countries on three different continents. In each supply chain center we provide the client with 24/7 just-in-time production, kitting, assembly and inventory management services. All orders are handled automatically through the integration between Elanders Order Management system and the client’s IT system.

Through the collaboration with Elanders the customer are able to focus on their core competence and improve both time to market and decrease their costs.

Customer statement: “Elanders has been a loyal supplier for many years now and we know that we can count on them to deliver high quality on time.”

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