Elanders’ global distribution and fulfillment network is perfect for a wide variety of aftermarket services. For several clients we handle part, or all of their aftermarket services, such as reverse logistics, on a global scale.

A global computer manufacturer uses demo servers on fairs and demo centers around the world and were in need of a solution to reuse and refurbish these servers. For this Elanders has developed a process where all the used servers are collected from around the world and then refurbished at Elanders’ supply chain center. The configuration is checked to ensure that nothing has been changed since the server was sent out. Thereafter an advanced disk wipe is done to erase all existing data. The servers are disassembled and all components are packed, labelled and returned to the customer which reuse and resell the components as refurbished.

The result was an increase of over 50% of recoverable assets and a single source solution to manage the complete returns process.

Customer statement: “We were able to increase our earnings from the refurbishment market through Elanders cost efficient solution.”


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