Group Management

The President and Chief Executive Officer lead the work performed by Group Management and make decisions in consultation with members of Group Management.

Group Management is responsible for day-to-day financial and commercial management and follow-up in the Group. It also strives to continually achieve synergies, identify acquisition and structural opportunities as well as adapt Group operations to market demands and short and long-term developments. Group Management makes sure that the competence and capacity of the Group is coordinated and adjusted to be as useful and profitable as possible in the short and long term.

Elanders’ Group Management consists of Magnus Nilsson, President & CEO, Andréas Wikner, CFO, Bernd Schwenger, Supply Chain Solutions (LGI), President, Lim Kok Khoon, Supply Chain Solutions (Mentor Media), President, Sven Burkhard, Print & Packaging Solutions, President as well as Kevin Rogers, Global Sales, President.

Group Management meets formally almost once a month, often in conjunction with a visit to a unit within the Group.

Magnus Nilsson

President & CEO.
b. 1966.
Employed since 1999. Education in Graphic Technology, Design, Business Administration and Marketing. Active within the graphic industry since 1987. Head of production Elanders in Hungary 2002. MD Elanders Berlings Skogs 2003–2005 and Elanders in China 2005–2009.
Shareholding: 88,577 Class B shares.
Phone: +46 31 750 07 50

Andréas Wikner

Chief Financial Officer and Acting Head of Sustainability.
b. 1971.
Employed since 2007. Master of Science in Business Administration. Auditor during 1997–2007. Approved Public Accountant 2004. Authorized Public Accountant 2005.
Shareholding: 4,664 Class B shares.
Phone: +46 31 750 07 50

SchwengerBernd Schwenger

Supply Chain Solutions (LGI), President.
b. 1972.
Employed since 2018. Diploma in Transport Economics and Logistics. Almost 20 years of experience within supply chain management and transportation logistics, including 11 years as Manager at HP and 7 years as Director Transportation and Managing Director at Amazon Logistics in Germany.
Shareholding: None.
Phone: +49 7032 2291 667

Kok Khoon Lim

Supply Chain Solutions (Mentor Media), President.
b. 1955.
Employed since 2014. Bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Master of Science (Industrial Engineering). More than 30 years of experience in world-class multinational corporations and positions such as General Manager for Hewlett Packard’s Handheld Mobile Products Division, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Philips Consumer Electronics Home Entertainment Business Group and Managing Directors for Technology Solutions Business and Innovation Centre’s at Wearnes Group. Joined Elanders in connection with the acquisition of Mentor Media in 2014, where he was CEO.
Shareholding: None.
Phone: +65 6631 3333

Sven Burkhard

Print & Packaging Solutions, President.
b. 1985.
Employed since 2017 and prior to that was employed at, among other places, the German company Flyeralarm.
Education in Graphic Technology, Design and Business Administration. More than 15 years’ experience in
printing technologies, E-commerce, Product Management and Business Development.
Shareholding: None.
Phone: +49 7151 9563 110

Kevin Rogers

Global Sales, President.
b. 1969.
Employed since 1999. Further education qualifications in; Mathematics, English, IT, Production planning and a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. More than 25 years’ experience in digital print technologies, sales and marketing strategy, optimizing workflow and effective leadership. Joined Elanders in connection with the acquisition of Hindson Print in 1999, where he was digital print manager.
Shareholding: None.
Phone: +44 757 20 11 255

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