Nomination committee

The nomination committee prepares proposals for the Annual General Meeting concerning the election of, and remuneration to, the Chairman of the Board, Board members, committee members and external auditors, the latter having been proposed by the audit committee. The nomination committee meets as needed and at least once a year.

The Chairman of the Board is also the Chairman of the nomination committee, which is a deviation from the Code. Elanders believes it is reasonable that the shareholder with the largest number of votes be the Chairman of the nomination committee since he ought to have a decisive influence on the composition of the nomination committee because he has a majority of the votes at the Annual General Meeting.

The nomination committee for the Annual General Meeting on 21 April 2022 is as follows:

Carl Bennet, Chair, Carl Bennet AB
Hans Hedström, Carnegie Funds
Carl Gustafsson, Didner & Gerge Funds
Fredrik Carlsson, Svolder

Shareholders who would like to submit proposals to Elanders’ 2022 Nomination Committee, can contact the Nomination Committee by e-mail at dmFsYmVyZWRuaW5nQGVsYW5kZXJzLmNvbQ== or by mail: Elanders AB, Att: Nomination committee, Flöjelbergsgatan 1 C, SE-431 35 Mölndal, Sweden.

Last updated 10/15/2021

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