Global on demand deliveries

Elanders has a long and broad experience from working with the automotive industry. Through the years we have developed solutions to meet the increased needs to achieve cost reductions, faster time to market and more effective production processes. We take pride in the fact that we have developed these solutions through a tight cooperation with our clients.

A global truck manufacturer has production facilities in five countries spread over four continents and was looking for a way to improve their distribution of owner’s manual kits for all their production plants. The client struggled with a forecast based production and high costs for warehousing and obsolete products. Our customer also wanted to make sure that they kept the strong brand image and increased the value for their end customers.

Elanders developed an IT solution where all the production data was pulled from the client’s production system, which made it possible to produce chassis unique manuals on demand. The client was also provided with a unique system where all content could be stored and controlled and later reused to support the aftermarket. The brand value was increased by designing a new customized box for the manual kit.

The benefits for the client were many and included no scrapping, optimized warehousing, brand consistency and content control, just-in-time and sequence deliveries to all production plants and a more user-friendly owner’s manual for the end user.

Customer statement: “By developing this new process together with Elanders we save a huge deal of time and money every year.”


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