Divestment of shares in Elanders

11/17/2016 7:46:20 am

Press Release from Elanders AB (publ) 2016-11-17

Elanders has been informed that Carl Bennet, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elanders, through Carl Bennet AB (“CBAB”), together with Peter Sommer, Head of Print & Packaging Solutions Europe in Elanders, today have sold in total 4,925,000 B shares in Elanders, corresponding to approximately 13.9 percent of the shares and 9.5 percent of the votes in Elanders. CBAB sold 4,325,000 B shares and Peter Sommer 600,000 B shares. The divestment was made through a so called accelerated bookbuilding process directed at institutional investors, at a price of SEK 102 per share.

CBAB will going forward remain the main shareholder in Elanders. After the divestment, CBAB holds 1,814,813 A shares and 15,903,596 B shares, representing approximately 50.1 percent of the shares and 65.9 percent of the votes in Elanders. CBAB and Peter Sommer have consented to customary 365-day lock-up undertakings for their remaining shares.

Carl Bennet comments:
“I view my main ownership in Elanders as long term. Elanders will continue to be one of my core investments. The placing implies that I will have an ownership in Elanders corresponding to the ownership level I have in for instance Lifco, another of my core holdings”.

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