Report from the Annual General Meeting 2021

4/28/2021 4:16:16 pm

Press Release from Elanders AB (publ) 2021-04-28

Due to the corona pandemic and to limit the risk for spreading the virus, Elanders AB (publ) held the Annual General Meeting electronically and by virtue of the temporary law applicable during 2021. The shareholders could only exercise their voting rights by attending remotely or by postal voting before the meeting.

The Annual General Meeting, led by Chairman of the Board Carl Bennet, decided to:

  • adopt the annual accounts for 2020
  • discharge the members of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer from liability for the financial year 2020
  • according to the proposal in the summons, distribute a dividend of SEK 3.10 per share for 2020. The record date for the dividend is proposed to be 30 April 2021 and it is expected that the dividend will be disbursed by Euroclear Sweden AB on 2 May 2021.
  • for the financial year 2021 grant, according to the proposal in the summons, the Board a remuneration of a total of SEK 4,119,000, including reimbursement for committee work, to be divided among the members as presented in the summons,
  • appoint, according to the proposal in the summons, the following members to the Board until the next Annual General Meeting is held in 2022:
    Carl Bennet (re-election)
    Dan Frohm (re-election)
    Erik Gabrielson (re-election)
    Cecilia Lager (re-election)
    Anne Lenerius (re-election)
    Magnus Nilsson (re-election)
    Johan Stern (re-election)
    Caroline Sundewall (re-election)
    Eva Elmstedt (new-election)
  • appoint, according to the proposal in the summons, Carl Bennet as Chairman of the Board,
  • approve the proposal given in the summons to re-elect the accounting firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers as company accountant,
  • the nomination committee until the next Annual General Meeting will be formed and perform the duties according to the proposal in the summons, and
  • approve the remuneration report presented by the Board regarding senior officers.

In his speech CEO Magnus Nilsson described the Group’s business and development during 2020 and the first quarter 2021. This period has been characterized by the COVID-19 pandemic and a great deal of uncertainty in the world. Despite this Elanders has handled the situation well. Starting with the second half-year of 2020 the Group has produced the best quarterly results ever, quarter after quarter. Magnus Nilsson also presented the strategic investments made in Renewed Tech, an area where Elanders’ is now one of the leaders on the Swedish market. Investments have also been made in a new unit in northwestern Germany that is entirely dedicated to e-commerce, an area where the Group has grown considerably in recent years.

The minutes from the Annual General Meeting will be available on the company website as soon as they have been verified.

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