The Board’s work

The Board is elected by the Annual General Meeting and proposed by the nomination committee. The Board is ultimately responsible for the management of the company, monitoring the work of the Chief Executive Officer and continuously following developments in operations as well as the reliability of the company’s internal control.

The Board also decides on significant changes in the organization, investments and divestitures, adopts the budget and approves the annual accounts. The Board is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Group has adequate systems for internal control, that the accounts are prepared and that they are reliable when published. The Group and its management have several methods to control the risks connected to operations. The Board supports Group Management by continually monitoring and identifying business risks in a structured manner as well as steering the work in the Group in how it handles the most significant risks. In conclusion this constitutes the Board’s responsibility for corporate governance.

In accordance with Elanders’ articles of association the Board of Directors should consist of at least three and no more than ten members with a maximum of two deputies.

The Board has produced and adopted a work plan that regulates the division of responsibility between the Board, its Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer. It also includes a general meeting plan and instructions on financial reports as well as the other matters that must be put before the Board. The work plan is revised once a year or as needed.

The Board has seven ordinary meetings per year; four of them in conjunction with the year-end report and quarterly reports, a meeting dedicated to strategic matters, a meeting to adopt the coming year’s budget and a constitutional meeting following the Annual General Meeting. In addition, the Board is called to further meetings as needed. The Group’s external auditors participate in the meeting that deals with the report for the first nine months of the year as well as the meeting regarding the year-end report to inform the Board in its entirety about the result of their audit.

At the constitutional meeting of the Board the work plan and instructions for the Chief Executive Officer are reviewed and the customary decisions concerning authorized signatories are taken. In addition, the work plans for the remuneration and audit committees are adopted and their members appointed. The Board travels as often as possible to visit and hold its meetings in one of the Group’s subsidiaries in Sweden or abroad.

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