The Chairman of the Board

The Chairman leads and organizes the Board and is responsible for making sure the Board meets its responsibilities and that the members receive the information necessary to ensure the work done by the Board is of high quality and performed according to legal stipulations and the contract with the stock exchange.

The Chairman of the Board must also make sure that during the year an evaluation of the Board’s work is carried out and that the nomination committee is informed of the results. The evaluation is carried out annually in the form of a questionnaire and encompasses the Board’s composition, remuneration, materials, administration, work methods, meeting content, reports from the committees and education. In addition, the Chairman of the Board represents the company in ownership matters and communicates viewpoints from the owners to the Board. The Chairman of the Board is elected by the Annual General Meeting. Dan Frohm has been the Chairman of the Board since 2022.

 Frohm-2017Dan Frohm

Chairman of the Board.
b. 1981.
M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management.
Elected in: 2017.
Appointments on the Elanders Board: Chairman of the remuneration committee.
Other appointments: Member of the board of Arjo AB, Carl Bennet AB, Getinge AB, Lifco AB and Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
Previous appointments: Management consultant at Applied Value LLC (New York office).
Shareholding (own and related parties): 27,206 Class B shares.

Last updated 3/29/2023

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