The Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is the President of the Group, a member of the Board and leads the Group’s operations.

The Chief Executive Officer’s work is steered by the Companies Act, other laws and regulations, current laws for listed companies including the Code, the articles of association and the framework established by the Board in, among other things, the CEO instruction.

The Chief Executive Officer is authorized to sign for the company in daily management in accordance with the Companies Act as well as sign for all Group subsidiaries. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for providing the Board with continual reports on Group results and financial position as well as the information the Board needs to make qualified decisions.

The Chief Executive Officer also keeps the Chairman of the Board apprised of developments in operations. All the managing directors in the Group’s subsidiaries receive written instructions. These instructions contain a division of responsibility between the Board and the managing director and guidelines the managing director must observe in the running of operations.

Magnus Nilsson

President and Chief Executive Officer.
b. 1966.
Employed since 1999. Education in Graphic Technology, Design, Business Administration and Marketing. Active within the graphic industry since 1987. Head of production Elanders  in Hungary 2002. MD Elanders Berlings Skogs 2003–2005 and Elanders in China 2005–2009.
Shareholding: 88,577 class B shares.
Phone: +46 31 750 07 50

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