Global configuration and fulfillment

Our postponement and product configuration services enable our clients to reduce costs and time to market. With our knowledge of best practices, our global perspective and our local knowledge we can offer our clients the best solution for each market around the world.

One of the market leaders in the IT industry decided that they no longer wanted to handle the product configuration and the distribution. Elanders was a natural choice for handling this service for them.

Today large volumes of products and components are being produced and sent to Elanders supply chain centers in each market for warehousing. When the end customer places an order the products are configured and customized to each market and to each customer’s requirements. Elanders Order Management System, which is directly integrated with the client’s IT system, manages this whole process. The same system also provides the customer with real-time data as well as statistics for all orders processed, stock levels etc. For this customer we also print the user manuals and are responsible for the procurement process for some of their standard components to be shipped together with the product.

Through this solution the customer has significantly shortened lead times, decreased capital employed and also reduced distribution and component costs.

Customer statement: “We have been using Elanders for a long time now and know that we can trust them to serve our customers in the best possible way”


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