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Elanders is a leading company in global total solutions for the entire supply chain and is currently established on four continents. Whether it’s a matter of a single service or a customized total solution, Elanders contributes to increasing customers’ productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Advanced solutions for the entire supply chain
Efficient supply chain management creates a competitive edge and is critical to all producing companies, particularly for their survival in a global economy. Companies that handle their supply chains optimally consume less resources in transportation, production, and warehousing. Growing demands for a sustainable society create an increasing need for more efficient, external supply chain management solutions.

Elanders manages and optimizes the flow of raw materials, components, final products, money, and information on behalf of customers through every step of a product’s lifecycle – from suppliers and manufacturers to end consumers, and in some cases further to the second-hand market through refurbishing and reuse.

We provide our customers with total solutions for the entire supply chain through a single point of contact. Our offer includes managing everything from order management, procurement, purchasing components, and warehousing to production logistics, manufacturing, configuration, quality control and delivery. The Group also handles payment flows, synchronizing purchasing and demand warehousing and after sales-service, as well as managing returned or worn-out products destined to be recycled or resold.

Value-added services
Elanders also offers value-added services tailored to individual customers’ needs and desires. These can entail installations upon delivery, tests, repairs, and certification of electronical equipment, unloading, reloading and repacking products at cross-docking centrals or returning empties to the customer’s supplier. In addition, Elanders provides total solutions in e-commerce where we develop and operate our customer’s webshop , including content production and management, customer service, and financial services, in combination with the logistic services we normally deliver.

Multi-sites for greater flexibility
A key factor in why Elanders’ customers choose to outsource operations is to avoid tying up capital in plants, personnel and different kinds of service obligations along with converting fixed costs into variable costs for greater flexibility and cost-efficiency. Elanders has invested in multi-sites in Europe, Asia, and the USA, where several customers’ operations are collected under one roof to achieve synergies with greater capacity utilization and flexibility.

When customers from diverse industries that have different volume patterns come together under one roof we can better manage seasonal variations and other peaks by moving employees and resources among them on a day-to-day basis depending on the workload. Elanders also invests in systems for wholly and partially automated warehouses to reduce manual labor and raise efficiency. Flexible solutions and smart investments make our facilities more efficient while allowing customers to focus on their core business.

Innovative printing services
An important part of our integrated offer consists of graphic services such as printing manuals, labels and packaging for customers’ products and components. Elanders has over 100 years of experience in the graphic industry, and we currently offer cost-efficient and innovative solutions that fulfill customers’ needs, locally and globally.

We have developed advanced, user-friendly, web-based ordering platforms that streamline the process from order to delivery and enable customized just-in-time or sequence deliveries of, for example, manual kits to customers. Elanders has modern machines that enable us to meet customers’ needs for flexible print production in shorter or smaller series with high quality at competitive prices.

Elanders is also investing in developments web-to-print to meet market demands. Partly, we have our own order platforms online where customers can directly, supported by unique 3D technology, design, and order customized packaging and advanced marketing material. In addition to our own platforms we produce customized printed matter in this area for several well-established web-to-print and photo product companies.

Today, Elanders is one of the few companies that can offer global total solutions that include everything from printed matter and packaging to other related services such as kitting and packing for just-in-time or sequence deliveries.




Elanders offers a broad range of services and total solutions in supply chain management.

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Elanders divides its customers into six segments according to the industry they work in: Automotive, Electronics, Fashion, Health Care, Industrial and Other.

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Case Studies

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