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Elanders manages all aspects of bringing your product to the market in the most efficient and cost effective way. We offer both simple Pick, Pack & Ship solutions as well as highly complex fulfillment services.

Through our global network of fulfillment and distribution hubs we are able to offer our customers an efficient and fast way to markets around the world. As a specialist in custom regulations in many countries, we assure compliance and integrate with all logistics providers for timely deliveries of components and products to reduce cost and achieve the quickest time to market.

In the new era of curated e-commerce that combines direct fulfillment and drop shipping from various points of distribution, Elanders will design the solution that best serves your requirements.

  • Pick, Pack & Ship
  • Consolidation & Kitting
  • Merge & Transit
  • Track & Trace
  • Global & Local Distribution

Last updated 5/30/2016

Global on demand deliveries
A global truck manufacturer was looking for a way to improve their distribution of owner’s manual kits for all their production plants.

Global just-in-time deliveries
A global car manufacturer had a need to find a partner that could supply all their factories with owner’s manuals.

Global configuration and fulfillment
One of the market leaders in the IT industry chose Elanders to handle the product configuration and the distribution.

Reverse logistics
Elanders has developed a process where used servers are collected and then refurbished at Elanders’ supply chain center.

Medical consumable products
A major medical manufacturer required a rapid setup of a regional center to handle the labeling, packing and distribution.

Medical rental devices
A global medical company wanted to outsource the whole process for their rental devices.

Global B2B e-Commerce solution
For a client Elanders developed a global B2B e-Commerce solution where all products and material were easy to access and order.


Case Study:
Global B2B and B2C – e-Commerce

Improve you aftermarket services.


Case Study:
Global B2B and B2C – e-Commerce

Elanders’ global distribution and fulfilment network is perfect for a wide variety of aftermarket services. For several customers we handle part, or all of their aftermarket services on a global scale.

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Case Study:
Global just-in-time deliveries

Achieve cost reductions through streamlined process.


Case Study:
Global just-in-time deliveries

Elanders has a long and broad experience from working with the automotive industry. Through the years we have developed solutions to meet the increased needs to achieve cost reductions, faster time to market and more effective production processes.

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