Global Order Management

Elanders’ global network of fulfilment and distribution hubs enables our clients to deliver a variety of B2B and B2C products in the most time sensitive and cost effective manner.

Our global fulfillment services are strategically located to take advantage of product postponement opportunities in region with the ability to focus on manufacturing areas for distribution.

We have developed our own Order Management System which is a single source that can be used to process all orders, view inventory levels, outgoing order shipments, product returns, generate dynamic reports and more – all in real-time.

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Last updated 3/8/2017

Global just-in-time deliveries
A global car manufacturer had a need to find a partner that could supply all their factories with owner’s manuals.

Global configuration and fulfillment
One of the market leaders in the IT industry chose Elanders to handle the product configuration and the distribution.

Global B2B and B2C – e-Commerce
A complete e-Commerce process from webshop design to end delivery by logistics partners.

Medical consumable products
A major medical manufacturer required a rapid setup of a regional center to handle the labeling, packing and distribution.

Just-in-time deliveries
We provide a client with 24/7 just-in-time production, kitting, assembly and inventory management services.


Case Study:
Global on demand deliveries

Save time and money through opimized just-in-time deliveries.


Case Study:
Global on demand deliveries

Elanders has a long and broad experience from working with the automotive industry. Through the years we have developed solutions to meet the increased needs to achieve cost reductions, faster time to market and more effective production processes.

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Case Study:
Global B2B e-Commerce solution

Optimize your Supply Chain through the right e-commerce solution.


Case Study:
Global B2B e-Commerce solution

We have been working with partners and suppliers on systems and processes that allow our clients the ability to confidently re-engineer the way they store, update and distribute information and products.

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