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Sourcing and procurement is an essential part of effective supply chain management. Elanders provides a collaborative solution for its customers that place a total supply chain perspective in their procurement processes.

Elanders partners with clients at the strategic, tactical and operational level to provide a combined sourcing and procurement process that can be deployed regionally or from major points of manufacturing and distribution. This enables businesses to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage by minimizing excessive or unnecessary expenditures by providing goods and services in a timely and efficient manner.

Our cross functional collaboration with clients and suppliers will produce an effective sourcing strategy that results in substantial cost savings while also achieving lean manufacturing or inventory management goals.

Our global economy mandates that intelligent global sourcing and product postponement processes are an absolute necessity. Elanders is a proven partner to clients across multiple industry sectors in delivering materials, components, packaging and final manufacturing services through its procurement solutions.

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Last updated 5/30/2016

Global on demand deliveries
A global truck manufacturer was looking for a way to improve their distribution of owner’s manual kits for all their production plants.

Global configuration and fulfillment
One of the market leaders in the IT industry chose Elanders to handle the product configuration and the distribution.

Global B2B and B2C – e-Commerce
A complete e-Commerce process from webshop design to end delivery by logistics partners.

Global B2B e-Commerce solution
For a client Elanders developed a global B2B e-Commerce solution where all products and material were easy to access and order.


Case Study:
Global just-in-time deliveries

Achieve cost reductions through streamlined process.


Case Study:
Global just-in-time deliveries

Elanders has a long and broad experience from working with the automotive industry. Through the years we have developed solutions to meet the increased needs to achieve cost reductions, faster time to market and more effective production processes.

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Case Study:
Customized webshop

Lower your costs for warehousing and distribution.


Case Study:
Customized webshop

Our experience of IT and cloud solutions provide benefits such as synchronized planning and forecasting, transparent workflow and the overall benefits of Supply Chain Integration: reduced costs, increased flexibility, faster time-to-market – all in a more efficient process.

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