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In today’s world, instantaneous access to information drives business productivity. With more than a century of experience within printing, Elanders is a specialist in information management and distribution.

We offer cost-efficient and innovative solutions that meet customers’ needs for printed material both locally and globally. Elanders has developed advanced, user friendly and Internet-based order platforms that streamline the process of order to delivery and enable customized just-in-time or sequenced deliveries.

Elanders is one of the few companies in the graphic industry that can follow multinational customers over country borders and offer comprehensive solutions that include printed matter and other related services such as kitting and packing or just-in-time and sequence deliveries. The facilities in Brazil, China, Hungary, India and Italy are good examples of how Elanders has followed its customers out into the world.

  • Manuals & Marketing material
  • Personalized Print
  • Print-On-Demand (POD)

The management of packaging in the supply chain has always been a critical component in the ability to achieve a lean manufacturing process. That is even more important in the new global economy that leverages intelligent global sourcing for regional product postponement.

From high end rigid board boxes for luxury packaging requirements to cost effective CPG needs for direct to retail distribution, Elanders offers are a perfect fit across all industries from small to large companies.

  • Design & Construction
  • Card Board & Flute Boxes
  • Hard & Luxury Boxes
  • Personalized Packaging

Last updated 3/8/2017

Global on demand deliveries
A global truck manufacturer was looking for a way to improve their distribution of owner’s manual kits for all their production plants.

Global configuration and fulfillment
One of the market leaders in the IT industry chose Elanders to handle the product configuration and the distribution.

Medical consumable products
A major medical manufacturer required a rapid setup of a regional center to handle the labeling, packing and distribution.

Global B2B e-Commerce solution
For a client Elanders developed a global B2B e-Commerce solution where all products and material were easy to access and order.


Case Study:
Global just-in-time deliveries

Achieve cost reductions through streamlined process.


Case Study:
Global just-in-time deliveries

Elanders has a long and broad experience from working with the automotive industry. Through the years we have developed solutions to meet the increased needs to achieve cost reductions, faster time to market and more effective production processes.

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Case Study:
Just-in-time deliveries

Improve quality and lead time with the help of Elanders.


Case Study:
Just-in-time deliveries

We have been working with partners and suppliers on systems and processes that allow our clients the ability to confidently re-engineer the way they store, update and distribute information and products.

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