Case Studies

Some of our most challenging and exciting assignments are presented in our Portfolio. The common denominator is that our customers have had special requests that Elanders has been able to meet, and in some cases more than one of our production units have been involved.

Managed Print Services

Customized comprehensive solutions.

Elanders combines contract and transportation logistics throughout the entire supply chain and contributes to better customer relations.

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Distribution center for 3D-printers

Global deliveries.

Elanders runs a global distribution center in its megahub in Singapore for 3D-printers for customers that demand short delivery times and a high level of service.

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pakadoo – Parcels to the office

Private parcels straight to the office.

Today consumers order goods online that are packed in just a few days or even hours and then sent to points all over the world. Far too often though the parcel cannot be delivered to the recipients since they are not at home during the day.

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– Daimler

Production logistics – a part of the customer’s core business.

Complexity in the automotive industry continues to grow and this requires major resources with extremely short lead times. The greatest challenge is to maintain top quality in spite of the enormous variation in production since each car is unique. Color scheme, surface materials, engine size, safety functions, fuel type, parking aids, automatic or manual transmission – each vehicle consists of thousands of unique components and modules for each individual model.

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Electronics – Value Recovery

Added value from sustainable recycling.

Handling IT equipment takes a lot of time and energy from big companies, particularly when it becomes old and needs replacing. Information safety is also an important factor as the equipment may contain unique and in some cases sensitive data about the company that needs to be handled with great care. In addition, there is a considerable sustainability factor in recycling equipment and giving it new life on the second hand market.

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& Lifestyle

Exclusive products demand flexible logistics solutions.

The most exclusive brands in the fashion industry are characterized by an extremely high standard – material, design and craftsmanship need to be of the highest possible quality. This includes logistics. Each item is expected to always be at the right place and in time for a fashion show or the launch of a collection in a store, even if the preparation time is short.

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Health Care
& Life Science

From logistics to full service supplier in medical technology.

Diagnostic equipment for medical use is often both expensive and extremely sensitive. Great care and knowledge is needed to handle and repair it. Working quickly with short lead times is also crucial since diagnostic equipment is a critical tool for care and analyses in hospitals and laboratories.

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Industrial – Heating products

Industrial orders with extremely short lead times.

To sell radiators and heat pumps is a business with complex logistics and unwieldy goods on a B2B and B2C market that demands extremely short lead times. Previously a leading customer had 52 service centers all over Germany in order to meet customer demand, a time-consuming and costly operation.

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Electronics – Axis Communications

More than just simple logistics.

Axis has outsourced parts of its operations to Elanders with deep integration in their value chain.

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Network Solutions – HP

Custom-made and transparent network solution.

Elanders has created a solution for HP Inc. for their entire logistics regarding guarantee returns of computers.

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Freight Solutions – Daimler

Advanced warehouse logistics and deliveries for the automotive industry.

Receiving components from suppliers in 22 regions all over the country, sorting and loading them in the right order, driving 1,000 kilometers and delivering to the right spot in the customer’s assembly line in an automotive factory demands extreme efficiency, planning and control. To do this 15 times a day, 5 days a week without arriving late or, for that matter early, is an art.

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Global on demand deliveries

A global truck manufacturer was looking for a way to improve their distribution of owner’s manual kits for all their production plants.

Elanders has a long and broad experience from working with the automotive industry. Through the years we have developed solutions to meet the increased needs to achieve cost reductions, faster time to market and more effective production processes. We take pride in the fact that we have developed these solutions through a tight cooperation with our clients.

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