Elanders has been active in the traditional graphic industry for over 100 years. Today the Group offers cost-efficient and innovative solutions that fulfill customers’ needs for printed material and packaging, locally and globally. Elanders has developed advanced, user-friendly and internet-based ordering platforms that streamline the process from order to delivery and enable customized just-in-time or sequence deliveries. Elanders is one of the few companies in the graphic industry that can offer multinational customers comprehensive global solutions that include printed matter, packaging design and production and other related services such as kitting and packing.


High quality and innovative packaging which is brand centered from a design perspective, and produced to European Quality standards to meet the customers demand.


Digitalization is touching many parts of our every-day lives and packaging is no exception.  The benefits of SMART packaging are; brand & consumer protection, enhanced consumer experience, simple offline to online connectivity and track and trace within the supply chain.  Put this together with brand-centered high quality packaging design and manufacturing, responsible manufacturing, sustainability and you have something that is ground breaking in the world of packaging.

Elanders have introduced a World Leading service for integrated Anti-Counterfeit and Consumer Engagement technology, applied to product packaging.  We have signed a strategic agreement with a forward thinking technology partner to create unique Smart Packaging, delivering Brand Protection and Consumer Engagement.   This collaboration will provide an effective solution addressing 5 key requirements in the world of consumer packaging.

1. Security
2. Promotion
3. Responsibility
4. Sustainability
5. User experience

Combining Elanders Innovative packaging design & manufacturing with pioneering invisible tracer and a customizable consumer engagement platform from YPB, we can offer a complete Sustainable solution for; Supply Chain Track & Trace, Brand Protection, User Experience & Consumer Engagement – from one team of experts.

If you face challenges in Brand Protection and want to enhance your Consumer Engagement then Elanders can be your solution.

How it works:


At Elanders we understand that your marketing material is a very important communication tool between your brand and your clients. Elanders has more than 100 years experience in printing high quality marketing pieces and can support all kinds of business for printed marketing materials. This can be in traditional offset printing and the latest digital printing processes. No matter what the quantity Elanders is your professional partner.


Elanders have rich experience when it comes to producing technical documentation. We support many industries such as Automotive, Heavy Plant & Equipment, Household products and many more. We produce user documentation in mass production or on-demand and deliver to manufacturing sites or the end user, whatever your requirement Elanders can support your requirements.